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birthday party planner in indirapuram
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PACKAGE @ 2000
• 200 @ Balloon
• Happy Birthday Banner
• Caps
• Eye mask
• Hooters
• Tattoo artist
PACKAGE @ 4000
• 300 @ Balloon
• Entrance Bunch of Balloon
• Happy Birthday Banner with Name
• Cake Table Decor
• I Mask
• Hooters
• Tattoo Artist & Caps
• Magic Show • Games Coordinator • Puppet Show
PACKAGE @ 6000
• Balloon Decoration (400 nos)
• Cake Table Decoration (Balloon ,Ribbion)
• Entrance Gate Balloon Arch
• Balloon Pillar 2 Nos
• Caps
• I Mask
• Hooters
• Tattoo Artist

  • Face Painting
  • Hair bidding
  • Fashion parlour
  • Nail Bar
  • Name bracelets
  • Magic Show
  • Puppet Show
  • Games coordinator

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